South Africa is a magnificent country, with over 50 million people. It is the world's 24th most populous country, and 25th largest country by land-area.

September is  a lovely time of the year to travel. Being early spring, temperatures can be expected to be in the low 20 degrees celcius. There are 9 provinces in South Africa, each offering a unique experience.



The following tours can be booked from September 2019 once registration for the congress has been launched. Bookings for these tours will be made through the registration form. Costs can be viewed using the link below.

These four tours have been tailor made for the congress and will take place on the 19 September 2020, delegates may only book one of the congress tours.

CLICK HERE to view the tour options.



Please find attached a number of tours to consider, these tours can be booked over and above the Congress Tours.

These tours must be booked directly with the tour operator, booking details and costs will be made available mid September 2019.


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